Products of G-Solar

It provides efficient solutions to the needs such as hot water and heating in living spaces by taking advantage of the endless energy of the sun.

Why G-Solar?

Istanbul based “Eraydın Solar Energy” company produces renewable energy products under the G-SOLAR brand. The R&D process of G-SOLAR, which has been continuing since the beginning of 2017, has reached the commercialization stage in the last quarter of 2018 with the product reaching its target point in terms of both performance and quality. G-SOLAR’s innovative design, high quality line, installation and ease of use sets a new standard in the solar market.

Due to constantly increasing energy demand and high carbon emission by fossil fuels, the World is facing a serious threat of global warming.

Scientific researchs show that to protect and sustain the ecological structure of the World, we need to prefer the renewable energy sources and all solutions available in our natural environment.

Sun is the only constant natural energy source we have today and can easily be reached. G-Solar takes advantage of this limitless available energy of the sun and utilize it in our living environment for hot water and heating needs in our daily lives.

Quality Policy

As Eraydın Solar Enerji; based on our long-lasting expertise and with our highly trained and experienced staff, we prioritize human health, respect for nature and the environment, quality and high technology in all of our actions.

We strive to be an exemplary and leading company in the sustainable energy sector by constantly updating and improving our ISO 9001 Quality Management system and remaining in compliance with the most current legislations.

As we move forward, we are committed to constantly increasing customer satisfaction, by meeting our customers’ highest current and future expectations, while respecting customer property and privacy at each step.

Our quality policy is comprised of manufacturing highest possible quality products and providing highest possible quality services, which comply with both national and international quality standards and legislations, constantly improving our corporate image and reputation, increasing profitability by improving quality and productivity, increasing employee satisfaction, following global innovations in our sector real-time and updating our product in the light of those innovations, making sure all our staff adopts our highest quality standards, that they increase their knowledge and capabilities and better adopt to team work principles via continuing education, and as a result increase customer satisfaction in a sustainable and stable manner.