Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We have answered the most curious questions about our products in the Frequently Asked Questions section

G-Solar products are made of the highest quality intermediate products and designed to serve for many years. It is a unique solar system with its quality, innovative design, ease of installation, high performance and affordable cost.

The G-Solar Collector is designed for families of 3-4 people. The most important factor affecting the performance of G-SOLAR which is properly located (Please check – instruction manual) is the solar irradiation values. Solar irradiation values ​​vary depending on the region and the season.

Your product performs better in areas with high irradiation and in spring & summer seasons. The winter sun and low sun angle degree in the regions away from the equator, affect the performance negatively. In case of insufficient sun irradiation value due to the narrow angle, cloudy weather or at night time, the internal electric heater will ensure your continuous hot water usage. This electric water heater consumes less energy than a hair dryer.

Product performance depends on the region, the season and the usage habits. The table below can be considered as the average performance values ​​for the G-Solar Collector:

Substances such as lime, iron and sediment present in the tap water are always problematic for the products running on water. The siliphose crystals in the siliphose filter which is in the installation kit provide the most effective solution against lime & feculent problems. To use your product for the longest time with no problem, make sure that the installation kit is fully and correctly placed on the pipe line and periodic care is done properly. Please do not forget, the siliphose in the filter should be refill once a year at least.

The outer polycarbonate coating protects against all kinds of external effects such as storm, frost, bird strokes and hail that may damage your product. You don’t have to wait for service come and replace your vacuum tubes with high costs. You can use your product for many years.

G-SOLAR products are modular and practical. It can be applied to any installation model. (Please see “User Manual” and “Installation Diagrams”)

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