G-SOLAR; is a solar water heating system using vacuum glass tube technology. G-SOLAR’s pressurized system provides a comfortable solution to the hot water needs of families of 3-4 people. In G-Solar’s collector module, 14 units 180cm long vacuum glass tubes provides energy. Reflective mirror plate of 1m2 area placed at the bottom of collector module which maximizes the performance. Thanks to the polycarbonate outer coating, the tubes are protected against hitting from external influences such as hail, storm and bird strokes.

The G-SOLAR collectors shipped in one piece carton can be installed quickly and ready for use thanks to their compact structure and weight of approximately 55kg. All metal parts are made of “stainless steel” and the domestic water contacting parts are 316L stainless steel. The G-SOLAR solar collector has an internal 2 kWh electric heater in the tank’s inner chamber. You can use your hot water without interruption thanks to the thermostat heater at dark-cloudy weather or when the sun is not enough. G-SOLAR solar collectors are designed with all parts to serve for many years.


G-Solar Features

Design and performance; G-Solar is a unique solar collector thanks to its modern and stylish design both in terms of appearance and performance. Thanks to the geometrical structure it has, it provides a high performance by benefiting from the sunlight within a vast period of time from sunrise to sunset.

Heat Insulation feature; In addition to the water heating capacity, which is the most pivotal factor determining the performance of G-Solar solar collectors, another significant performance criterion the G-Solar has is that it is capable of preserving the heated water for a long period of time thanks to its high heat insulation features.

Lightness and volume; G-Solar solar collectors take small spaces thanks to their internal hot water tank, while its lightness is advantageous for transportation and assembly.