G-SOLAR MULTICOLLECTOR, another SOLUTION model of G-SOLAR, is a closed-circuit, (open-water feed) model designed to support the energy needs of central systems. The water rapidly heated by the vacuum tubes circulates, between collectors and central system (heat pump, boiler, tank etc.) by a circulation pump, and provides a high energy saving for both space heating and hot water requirements. Ideal for hotels, apartments, facilities, etc., with all existing heating systems.


G-Solar Properties

Design and performance; G-Solar is a unique solar collector thanks to its modern and stylish design both in terms of appearance and performance. Thanks to the geometrical structure it has, it provides a high performance by benefiting from the sunlight within a vast period of time from sunrise to sunset.

Heat Insulation feature; In addition to the water heating capacity, which is the most pivotal factor determining the performance of G-Solar solar collectors, another significant performance criterion the G-Solar has is that it is capable of preserving the heated water for a long period of time thanks to its high heat insulation features.

Lightness and volume; G-Solar solar collectors are very practical with their single piece designs that do not require construction. Requires less space for installation.

Long life; Metal parts of G-Solar solar collectors, which are in contact with water, are made of stainless steel. It can be used without any problems for years thanks to its high quality copolymer parts and its polycarbonate external surface.

Comfort; The high heat energy generated by vacuum glass tubes accumulates in your central system, saving energy for both space and water heating.

Technology; Producing hot water through its vacuum glass tube technology which have special selective surface on it, while preventing the loss of heat thanks its vacuum features.

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